Bahwan IT's Advanced Security Solutions seminar throws light on new era cyber threats

12 April 2015 - Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Bahwan IT recently conducted a seminar on "Advanced security solutions" in association with Fortinet Inc. which was attended by IT security professionals from Ministry and private enterprises in Oman.

The seminar focused on how to protect the network and data against new era threats like Advanced Persistent Threats, zero-day attacks etc. It also demonstrated how advanced security solutions like Distributed denial of service (DDoS), Next Generation Firewalls can help customers protect their network.

Fortinet's Technical Systems Engineer Mr.Tony Zabaneh explained how today's most sophisticated cyber criminals are increasingly bypassing traditional anti malware solutions and inserting advanced persistent threats deep within networks, resulting in many risks and threats organizations face these days and the growing need to protect valuable, confidential and sensitive data.

He emphasized that upgrading the security infrastructure is as important as upgrading an organisation's network. He also emphasized the need for deploying advanced security solutions because traditional approach alone will not help organizations to protect their valuable Information assets.

Fortinet is the leading network security solutions provider covering all layers of network and Bahwan IT is the only "partner of excellence" for Fortinet solutions in Oman.